About Us

Who we are :

The Secret of Our Success

In Arevalo Manufacturing Inc, we take passion and pride in our welding products. We are a welding solutions company who provides cutting-edge welding technologies to our customers’ welding problems or demands.


Experienced welders


Small and large jobs


Top notch equipment


30,000 square ft of available working space

Who is Arevalo Manufacturing Inc?

Arevalo Manufcaturing Inc was made in the year 2001 but our history starts long before that. The company founder and president, Jesus Arevalo has worked in the industry for over 20 years now. He started in the industry by slowly starting to learn how to weld in 1988 and continued by working on sheet metal work.

It would take years of hard work and dedication before Jesus Arevalo would be able to make his own company. During those years he managed to gain an expertise in the field that cannot be learned from books, but instead by hands on experience and intelligence. 

When you hand over your projects and ideas to be manufactured in Arevalo Manufacturing, you should be reassured that Mr Arevalo is not one to stay within the office. Your project will be taken care of by hard-working welders and by Mr Jesus Arevalo, who will step out and make sure that everything is running smoothly.